Yates Garden Guide

With more than seven million copies sold since it was first published in 1895, Yates Garden Guide is generally acknowledged to be the all time bestselling Australian book.

The new revised edition, the 42nd, as with the earlier editions, has kept up with the times and is well-equipped to address the concerns of today’s homeowners. Gardens that withstand bushfires and drought, and gardens that take less time and effort to look after are some of the modern emphases that are found in its pages.

The latest edition includes many exciting new features such as garden design, gardening in special conditions, organic gardening, container gardening and water saving gardening. A twelve month calendar of gardening activities, updated garden pest control suggestions and a bevy of handy hints from renowned garden experts are other features of this edition. More than 150 hints from some of Australia’s top gardeners are scattered through the book.

This is not only Australia’s bestselling and most respected garden book, it’s a book that moves beyond the world of garden enthusiasts to help every Australian homeowner.

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Yates Garden Guide

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